Diary of the Book Dragon started on 23rd April 2019 as an effort of one book lover to share her thoughts about books. Also, to spare my poor husband a bit since he complained that all I talk about are books. Since he got stuck with the role of editor/spell-checker for my blog posts I think the joke is on him (haha).

If you haven’t read my first blog post and we haven’t been properly introduced – Hi, my name is Dragana. I am a self-proclaimed book dragon and I …

  • Dream to read all the books in the world. (Let’s not be picky)
  • Adore speculative fiction. Bonus points if it has: a kick-ass heroine, dragons, banter, unicorns, or quirky side characters.
  • Enjoy chatting about books. Feel free to comment or contact me at any time.

Is there more in my life than books? Surprisingly, yes there is. 😀 I am…

  • Happily married.
  • Mother of one too-cute-for-his-own-good boy.
  • Eternal optimist.
  • Out-of-tune does-not-remember-all-lyrics singer.
  • Experimental cook.
  • List lover (even my book reviews are lists)