Welcome to the Diary Of The Book Dragon

Hello, my name is Dragana. Please take note that it’s DragAna (rhymes with banana), not DragOna. I’m not related to dragons in any way. Well, except for my book dragon status.

Why the term ‘book dragon’?

I always thought that book dragons (and not bookworms) should be the right term used for book lovers? Why? Because we…

  • Hoard the greatest riches in the world (books).
  • Fly on the wings of our imagination (while reading).
  • Fiercely defend our treasure (books).
  • Can be incited into a ferocious rage. (All it takes is a remark ‘It’s just a book’.)
  • Ravenous appetites (for reading).
  • Wise beyond our years (because we lived a thousand lives while reading).

What is the ‘Diary of the Book Dragon’?

Diary of the Book Dragon will be my blog. Since I already declared myself a book dragon I think you can guess what this blog is going to be about – BOOKS. Mostly reviews of the books I have read.

In the past, I had a hard time calling my writings about books ‘a book review’. One day I shared these doubts with my husband. He gave me a blank confused look. “Why?” I started to explain how I am not a professional reviewer and blah blah… He told me: “You might not be professional but they are still book reviews. If you and the professional artist painted something, both creations would be called a picture. He might be able to sell his for half a million dollars and you only for five bucks, but both would be pictures.” And it dawned to me – he is right. No matter if the text I write about a book is informal – it is still a review of a book.

What to expect from my book reviews?

My love for lists is evident in my book reviews because they are organized in the lists of likes and dislikes.

My favorite genre is Speculative Fiction, so expect a lot of fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, steampunk, and alternate history sprinkled with horror, time travel, dystopia, and apocalyptic for good measure. From time to time I might read some Mystery, Contemporary, or Historical novel, but it will be more an exception than a rule.

One of the things I hate the most is when someone reveals some important plot twist, so I solemnly swear – NO SPOILERS of any kind.

I love to talk about books so feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts.

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