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American Witch by Thea Harrison

American Witch by Thea HarrisonAmerican Witch by Thea Harrison
Series: American Witch #1

Genre: Romance, Urban Fantasy

Published on April 29, 2019
Published by Self-published
Format: eBook, 420 pages
Source: Purchased

My rating:

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First sentence: Molly stared at what she had found while she flushed hot, then cold, and the roaring in her ears was the sound of all the balls she’d been juggling for years that were now crashing at her feet.

American Witch is a new series by Thea Harrison, set in the same world as her Elder Races series. Since Elder Races was an urban fantasy series with complex world-building, I was eager to learn more about the witches of that world.

What Did I Like?

  • Witches are always an interesting topic. American Witch is about the modern version of the witches. There is no cauldron or old broom in sight. Instead, the atmosphere is very new age and Wiccan.
  • The heroine Molly is my age-mate. I have nothing against reading about young/new adults and their problems, but it was refreshing to have 40-something main characters.
  • Universal inspirational topics are covered through the plot. Like finding your purpose in life, that it’s never too late to take action and the uselessness of revenge.
  • Heroine stands up for herself. Molly decides she had enough of being a doormat and that she deserves someone who will always put her first. You go girl!

And even if everything he had told her had been the truth, she wasn’t willing to become the consequence of another powerful man’s decisions.

What I Didn’t Like?

  • Failed expectations. When I heard that American Witch will be set in the world of Elder Races, I expected it to be similar to that series. But it failed on multiple fronts:
    • No mythological beings. The Elder Races series had a plethora of usual and unusual paranormal creatures. Not only popular species commonly used by authors like dragons, vampires, elves, but also forgotten gems like unicorns, griffins, thunderbirds, jinn, … In American Witch the only supernatural element are witches.
    • Not connected to Elder Races characters or setting from the previous series. If not for the casual mention of Elder Races demesnes, this could have been completely unrelated series.
  • Witches as a species are not developed. Maybe I could have forgiven Thea Harrison lack of other paranormal entities if witches were the focus of the story. But while I was reading American Witch, I didn’t find out much about the witches: their history, tradition, customs, etc.
  • Focus is on the love story. With just a little bit of editing, American Witch could be a contemporary romance novel.
  • Insta-lust to true-love cliche. Progression from physical attraction to true mates was too quick.

My Rating:

American Witch is more romance than a paranormal novel. While urban fantasy fans will complain about the lack of world-building, American Witch will be a real treat for paranormal romance enthusiast. It’s an inspiring story about how Molly comes in control of her destiny.

American Witch left me feeling disappointed because it did not resemble novels from the previous series connected to Elder Races. I am not sure if I will read Rogue Charms, the sequel to this series. But I am not giving up on Thea Harrison as an author and I hope that some of her future series will be more up to my taste.

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