Monthly Rewinds

May 2019 Recap

It happened in May 2019:

  • Rain rain go away, come again another day… (It rained all the time.)
  • For the Labour Day holiday, my family had a mini-vacation in Vienna, Austria. Our kid loved it. Must visit: Museum of Technology, Schönbrunn Zoo & Madame Tussauds.
  • Watched Disney’s Aladdin movie. It was awesome. A must see!
  • Strawberry and cherries time. Yum yum yum!

May 2019 Reading

Total books read: 5
Total pages read: 2,859 (avg. length 572 pages)
Average rating: 3

My reading speed was slower than normal this month. My husband claims that I am finally maturing as a reader, so it takes me longer to process a book. I am not thrilled if this is true, I liked my awesome book-devouring capabilities.

Goodreads challenge, of course, has to rub salt into the wound additionally by reminding me that I am “3 books behind schedule”.

I will show them all next month!

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