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Pale Moon Walking by Paula Altenburg

Pale Moon Walking by Paula AltenburgPale Moon Walking by Paula Altenburg

Genre: Historical Fantasy, Romance

Published on September 28, 2015
Published by Entangled Publishing, Select Otherworld
Format: eBook, 276 pages
Source: NetGalley

My rating:

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Historical western novels never attracted me, because I don’t like that era (too dirty and rough for my taste). But lately I’ve given some paranormal novels set in this period a try and I actually quite enjoyed them. So when I saw that Pale Moon Walking is western historical with aliens I was intrigued to read it.

What Did I Like?

  • Alternate history is one of my favorite aspects of speculative fiction. I like to see what would have happened if some great events in history occurred differently. In Pale Moon Walking aliens crash-landed in 19th century North America.
  • Small town setting with a bunch of colorful meddling characters. Coyote Bluff is a little town in Nevada. I was charmed by most of the town inhabitants and their little quirks. Like the preacher that likes to box with brawlers after the service.
  • Magic based on illusion is not something I meet often. Usually, when someone mentions magic I think of complex spells or big fireballs. It’s interesting reading about a hero who is not almighty wizard. (Except for Shades of Milk and Honey I don’t remember reading about illusions-only magic before.)
  • Strong kick-ass heroine has a perfect representative in sheriff Libby Mayden. You intermediately know she had to be tough to become a sheriff in the Old West. And Libby has awesome shooting skills and battle scars to prove it.
  • Romance between two strong, independent character was pretty well handled. Libby realizes that she does not have to be strong on her own. On the other hand, Sam does not make her submit completely and gives Libby the freedom she needs.
  • Surprises. I pegged down Pale Moon Walking for a typical western paranormal romance. So imagine my astonishment when a couple of unexpected twists to the story just happened out of the blue…

What I Didn’t Like?

  • Bare minimum of world-building. Western is a time period that is known to everyone, but I wish that there were more details on how the presence of aliens aka. “Sky People” influenced everything.
  • Sex scenes had very detailed descriptions. I usually do not mind it, but Paula Altenburg decided to give it a breath of authenticity by using words with a western feel and it was big fail IMHO. “Man’s weather vane” is the euphemism I do not wish to read ever again.

My Rating:

Pale Moon Walking was a whirlwind romance between two strong characters in the time of aliens and gunslingers. I enjoyed it as a perfect break from more complex epic fantasy novels.

Recommended for fans of paranormal or historical romance novels who don’t mind western setting. More demanding fantasy fans are probably going to find world-building lacking.

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