Monthly Rewinds

September 2019 Recap

It happened in September 2019:

  • Yay, autumn is here and the summer heat is (finally) gone.
  • My son started preschool. Now, he is telling everyone that he is the pre-schooler. He shares it proudly, like it’s some noble title.
  • For European Researcher’s Night, my son’s preschool group staged a mini-play in the theater about the history of our town. It was a new experience for him (and us) but he surprised us all by learning his lines quickly and delivering them on stage without any hitch.
  • We watched Toy Story 4 in the cinema. I love what they did with Bo Peep, she is now one of my favorite cartoon characters.
  • Current tv show obsession: Dark. It’s a refreshing break from Hollywood blockbusters. If you want to see how a paranormal/time-travel tv series can be filmed without expensive SFX effects, check it out. Recommended for the fans of Lost.

September 2019 Reading

Total books read: 7
Total pages read: 2,944 (avg. length 420 pages)
Average rating: 3.57

Goodreads reading challenge says I am 15 books behind, but who cares. I am currently focussing on clearing up some chunksters from my TBR (like Wheel of Time series).

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