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Summoned to Thirteenth Grave by Darynda Jones

Summoned to Thirteenth Grave by Darynda JonesSummoned to Thirteenth Grave by Darynda Jones
Series: Charley Davidson #13

Genre: Romance, Urban Fantasy

Published on January 15, 2019
Published by Macmillan Publishers, St. Martin’s Press
Format: eBook, 304 pages
Source: Purchased

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First sentence: It wasn’t until I felt the sun on my face that I knew, really knew, I’d made it back.

Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones has been my long-time companion. Whenever I needed something light and funny, Charley was there to provide it (in exchange for a huge amount of coffee). The (cunningly selected) 13th book was announced as an end to the series and I could not wait to read it…

What Did I Like?

  • The End. Summoned to Thirteenth Grave is advertised as the last book in the Charley Davidson series. Saying goodbye is never easy, especially to characters with whom I have been hanging out for years. But in this case, I admit that, maybe, it was time to let them go. Over the years, the cast got too big. And don’t get me started on that how everything got over-complicated so many times…
  • Intervowen mysteries that no-one (except Charley) can keep track of. But this is one of the trademarks of the series. Multiple events escalating to pandemonium at the same time…
  • Non-stop action – that’s a given when there are so many things happening.
  • Humor still didn’t get old. I don’t know what I enjoy more: Charley’s ADHD or her quirky statements: “If I had a dollar for every time that girl chastised me, I’d have, like, thirty bucks. But still, thirty bucks was thirty bucks.”
  • Quirky side characters who add yet another layer of warmth and humor to the story: Cookie, Rocket, Uncle Bob, Angel, …

What I Didn’t Like?

  • Too many romantic scenes between Reyes and Charley. Ok, so I get it that most of the people paid to get this kind of content, but I felt that those pages could have been put to better use like:
    • So many secondary characters are featured in this series that some barely got any time on the page. Like a final bow to the faithful audience.
    • Rushed ending that kinda happens out of the blue. The perfect solution is found and the book ends leaving you to wonder: ‘Wait? That’s it?’
  • The big battle did not happen. Yes, you read that right. The event that has been talked about through the whole series will happen in the future (book/books). Every book in Charley Davidson series was preparing us for the final stand of good vs evil. I feel betrayed that the series ended without it happening.
  • It’s not really an end. The last sentence gives us a hint that there will be a spin-off series. Probably with Beep as the main character. So, 10 more books (free estimate) until that final battle…

My Rating:

Summoned to Thirteenth Grave was a good sequel that will provide all that the fans have been expecting: a lot of action, humor, and sex. Everything except the announced ending. While most of the fan base will be thrilled to find out there will be more, I feel kind of let down for not getting that big battle with Lucifer…

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